2.4″ Screen Video Business Card FL Solutions

Why Use a Video Business Card? 

Technology is always advancing, and so should your client relations. Digital video business cards let you do just that. Our video busines cards are portable and can fit in your pocket but are garunteed to leave your clients impressed. Each video business cards is customizable for your business’ needs and are rechargable using a provided mini USB cable. Be ahead of the trend and start using a digital business card today.

 How do you market with a Video Business Card?  

The best 3 ways to use a video business card:

1. To show your perfect pitch video every time in front of those key clients.

You do not need to give each video business card away, but you can show the video, because no wifi is needed, you just open the cover and it plays, then you hand them your paper business card to keep. 

 2. Your sales team can take to trade shows, and hand out to those great potential customers and always have the exact sales pitch every time. So you are remembered well from the trade show once they get back to office. 

3. Direct mail to potential customers, and have a return label inside package after they view they will ship back to you to use again. 60% receive a phone call from customer as well before they ship back, giving the sales reps a perfect time to sell and close business.  At FL Solutions we build the digital cards as well as direct mail for your team.  Located in Florida.


Why choose a Digital Video Business Card? 

  • A cutting-edge, unique tool to designed to leave a lasting first impression with valuable clients.
  • Our Screen Video Business Cards are unforgettable, and they’ll leave a wow factor that won’t fade. Comes in 2.8″ screen size.
  • Fully customizable screen and cover, which can be tailored to each occasion and potential client.
  • A cost effective way to grab the attention of those hard to reach clients.


We customize so you stand out from the competition: 

  • A new take on the traditional paper business card.
  • A fantastic supplementary tool designed to establish customer relations.
  • We customize your video business cards with your graphics and brand artwork.
  • Designed to impress with its full-size screen and interactive features.
  • Upload your own videos to show important clients what your company is all about.


Ease of Use: 

  • TheScreen Video Business Card will automatically turn on when opened.
  • Uploading your own video and audio is easy thanks to the provided USB cable.
  • User-friendly interface designed for simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Features 3 menu buttons for comprehensive video and audio control.


What features come with the Screen Video Business Card? 

  • Equipped with a 2.4″ screen to display company video content vividly.
  • Rechargeable using the provided mini USB cable.
  • Complete with aLithium Ion Polymer Battery, which charges to full in 30 minutes.
  • Incorporates a sleek card stock cover to protect screen inside.
  • Includes an additional physical business card holder for professional networking.


Is the Screen Video Business Card the best fit for you? 

  • Ideal forsavvy businesses looking to grow.
  • Perfect for networking and branching out to new and important clientele.
  • A tool designed to leave a lasting impression on your most valued customers.


Order Your Custom Video Business Cards Now! Impress your clients, elevate your brand, and make an impact with our 2.4-inch screen video business cards. To order a sample or get started, click here (insert hyperlink).