Video Integrated Solutions - Video Books

Video Books

Video Books will leave a lasting impression with your customers and win new sales opportunities. These video books from FL Solutions have sensor controlled multi-page enhancements.

Some of our customers use them to direct mail to target customers or they keep them strategically placed where your regular magazines currently are. There are many ways to get your target audience and land them as customers using these video books.

When your client instinctively picks it up and flips through it, they will find a video playing automatically with clear audio on every page flip, ensuring that your individual page messages are having the desired impact, by re-enforcing the audio to the visual. Video books are a perfect way to entice your clients on what products and services you have available on a multipage intuitive video playing book.

Our team will strategize with you, produce the video and creative from our Emmy® Award winning team if so desired. Your company can also provide the video and we will custom build your new impactful video book.