A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video book will leave them speechless.
Order 50 or more to customize with your company logo.

What is a Movida Video Book?

Movida video books are a unique marketing tool that give your clients the video impact with the personal touch. It has a LCD screen inside with a full navigation menu system for your multiple videos, and images to be shown.

Videos should be part of every industry and every strategy.

Glen Wellbrook – Senior Director of Marketing
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Stand out from your competition while showing your great personality and skills. Movida Video Books can be used for many applications such as: virtual tours, clients’ education on selling/buying a home, and testimonials. You can leave your Movida Video Books in high traffic areas, give them to potential clients/partners to assure they will remember you, direct mail to potential customers so they are solely focused on your video message and not distracted by other social media or ads, leave at your listings on the counter so the potential buyers receive your perfect sales pitch every time.

Movida Video Books and Video Brochures are great tools to help close sales due to their portability, no wifi need, and easy to use. Focused attention directly in the hands of your target audience. They are rechargeable, reloadable, and recyclable. 


Real Estate Video Making: Best Practices and Tips

Create an experience

Whether it’s through a listing video or a virtual tour, if you can help people experience the feeling of entering a property, you are well on your way to selling that dream. Think of it as a real conversation – not a promotional video.

Focus on your property best assets

Collect photos of the amazing scenery, the most spacious rooms, and any other amenities that prospective buyers will love. Don’t forget the neighborhood, schools, commercial areas and more.

Build trust in your community

Customer testimonials are a great way to improve your trust factor as an agent or broker. Add quotes from past clients on top of your photo slideshows or videos.

Don’t forget a call of action

Even if you feel like it’s stating the obvious, you’ll be surprised how every study shows content with CTAs create more engagement. Adjust the CTA to your needs – “subscribe to our newsletter,” “call now” or “follow our page.”

Do more than property showcase videos

Create a profile video to introduce yourself – let your personality shine through. For people to trust you as their agent, giving them a sense of who you are can go a long way. Talk about your background, history, value, and your passions.

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