We have a responsibility to change the world for the better, upholding integrity, and encouraging others to never give up on their dream. FL Solutions supports nonprofit causes that are shaping the next generation of purpose-driven innovators and making a transformative impact on local communities around the world.

We serve, mentor, and donate at the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches for over 20 years helping develop young men and women to face the future with a sense of direction, ability and hope.

As Ringling Alumni we are proud to recruit and mentor students to provide them with real-life work experiences. We are excited to add practical knowledge to their already high-quality art education and prepare them for the creative workforce.

We have donated over 50,000 PPE items to Empath Health Hospice during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only have we provided the necessary equipment to protect their patients but we have done it swiftly knowing that time is essential in these difficult times.

Our CEO Kristy Casillas has been involved with Crossover Church since 1998 as an inspirational breakdancer/performer, creative artist, business partner as well as a volunteer in community charity events.

During these challenging times we have donated N-95 Masks to St. Mark Village, and continue to assist in PPE needs.

We have volunteered our time and creativity and provided professional services to Look Up! Clearwater for branding and marketing materials. We have also donated supplies and served in this local music festival.

Our volunteer work at Young Life allows us to reach and mentor young people and help them grow in their faith. Through fun, adventurous, life-changing and skill-building experiences we help them build strong relationships.

As an essential, valuable, and dear part of our community, we make East Lake Community Library a priority when providing our services. We are very proud of currently serving on the Art Showcase board.

For over 20 years our team has served, performed, and helped guide struggling teens find hope and purpose in their lives. With our encouragement and ministry we strive to bring positivity into their lives and communities.

We know that every need in the world opens the door to share God’s love throughout Tarpon Springs and beyond. FL Solutions helps respond to these needs in all areas from carpentry, transportation, and financial contributions.

We get to serve our Faith Christian Church Family with a multitude of services such as carpentry and transportation, as well as financial contributions. Our lead custom builder is Faith Christian Church’s Assistant Pastor.

Throughout the years we have donated our time and services to help build relationships within our community as well as its members, friends and families. We have also designed and painted their children wing’s murals.

We continue to help support their missions, humanitarian efforts, their music and travels around the world. Nikita Carter is the team member we focus our support efforts on as she continues to pursue all God’s calling in her life with dance and music.

With the partnerships of High Impact and Nigeria Ijaw Mission, our team continues to contribute and help the Ijaw Missions build churches, schools, and to give support to the people in the Egbema Kingdom in Africa.